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Our Cattery is located in Mississippi, Gulf coast area. We are registered with Tica (The International Cat Association)

F1 Savannahs are the largest hybrid feline available. We are breeding for F2 till F6 generation and SBT Savannah kittens, first SBT generation will be F4 and beyond. We DON'T breed F1 Savannahs.

Our Savannahs kittens will be available for approved pet or breeder homes and are raised in our house with all our other cats.

All our cats are tested negative for Leukemia (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). All cats are up to date with their vaccines. We parasite test all cats on a regular basis, the health of our cats are very important to us.

To see size difference with adult female and my beautiful Serval


We have several litters a year and we will be more then happy to accomodate visitors who wish to visit our cattery.

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Click here to see a lot of Savannah pictures to see how it is to live with a Savannah


Size difference: F2 Savannah male on the left, F6 Savannah female on the left.


Our kittens will have their first start in a loving home with our other cats to socialize with so they build a good cattitude with a sweet temperament and an awesome character.

We specialize in home raised Savannahs cats accustomed to the activities of daily life.


We are very dedicated to breeding healthy, good spotted, exotic looking Savannah cats with the serval characteristics and a very sweet personality. Socialization is our highest priority with our kittens. We strive to attain wonderfully personalities in our cats for the people looking to have one, or more, of these unique, beautiful felines. Once you own a Savannah your life will change forever with this high energy, athletic animal.

No more dull moments in your life!

In picture: Mom F2B Nyimak with daughter F3C Shaolin





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