In loving memory of Kenya, born February 4, 2011

Kenya died April 19, 2012 after having complications, 2 weeks after her C-section. Kenya was just 14 months young and would be a first time mommy.

We are deeply impacted by this huge loss, Kenya was a very special female to us, super sweet, very gentle and easy going girl, full of life and so awesome with all other cats and kittens. Kenya will be greatly missed.

She will be deeply missed. If love could have saved her, she would live forever!! Kenya will be never forgotten, to be always in our hearts.


This is a great memorial tile I made for her to be always remembered and I can see her every day, so she is always close to me



( Kenya is a Daughter from F1 Cali and Dad Mack)

Kenya's mom, F1 Cali


Kenya with her newborn son, born April 4, 2012 with C-section.

Click here to see more pictures of Kenya's F3C black son, Trooper


Kenya pregnant



13 months


Kenya playing with our ferrets


10 months, pictures with mom Cali



8 months


6 months


5 months


4 months


3 months


11 weeks


9 weeks


8 weeks


7 weeks


6 weeks


4 weeks


3 weeks


2 weeks


1 week


1 day




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