F1 Nyasia, female, BST

( mom from F2 Nyimak and grand mom from F3 Shaolin and Nanouk)


1 week 2 weeks
n1 n1


3 weeks 4 weeks
n2 n2


6 weeks 6 weeks
n3 n3


7 weeks 7 weeks
n4 n4


11 weeks 14 weeks
n5 n5


4 months 4 months
n6 n6



Nyasia 10 months



n11 n11

1 year old and loves to steals shoes....

n12 n12


On January 23, 2009 the first two F2 kittens are born. First time mom Nyasia is a very proud mom!

kittens are 8 weeks young in this pictures with mom (-:



Nyasia 18 months


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Lequoia F2B female Born 01/23/2009

Lequoia F2B male Born 01/23/09





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