The servaline pattern does excist in the wild among the Servals, even it is pretty rare to find one. Servals (officially described in 1776) are usually golden with black spots but has three color morphs: Black (melanistic), brown (usual) and white and two patterns: spotted and freckled (Servaline)
In 1839, W. Ogilby documented a small-spotted Serval native to moist savannah zone in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and other parts of western Africa. He called it the Servaline. Instead of large spots, the Servaline was speckled with tiny dots and from a distance it appeared to be unpatterned and uniform in colour. It was regarded as a separate species (F servalina), supported by claims that there were no intermediate types of spotting - only large spots or freckles - and claims that Servalines were smaller than spotted Servals.

Serval with normal spot size
Serval with Servaline pattern

In 1915, a tribesman from Sierra Leone showed two kittens, one a Serval and the other a Servaline, that he claimed were from the same litter. His claim was dismissed by western experts since he had no independent testimony. Some years later, Colonel CRS Pitman, a Ugandan game warden, examined a collection of serval and servaline pelts in Northern Rhodesia (modern day Zambia). Pitman found that they formed a continuous sequence ranging from large spotted through intermediate forms to speckled. This proved that the Serval and Servaline were two extremes of a whole range of coat patterns. A selection of skins were sent to the Natural History Museum in London and the Servaline was reclassified as a colour form of Serval. The term Servaline is still sometimes used to indicate a Serval with very fine or almost indistinct spots.

These pictures are from a Servaline, exhibit at the Smithsonian in Washington DC, hall of Mammals


Because the Servaline pattern is really rare and is a non-standard pattern for our breed the Savannah's, not many breeders breed for this pattern. It is very personal if you like the smaller freckle spots what creates a unique look to the Savannah coat.
To get this pattern in the Savannah, breeders do use Abyssinians to get the Servaline pattern (the freckled spots)

Servaline Savannah, or Brown Ticket tabby, BTT
Servaline Savannah, or Brown Ticket tabby,BTT
Pictures below: A very unique Silver Servaline Pattern on Savannah
(Silver Ticket tabby, STT)


Coat development in Servale Pattern

Silver Ticket Tabby (Servaline)



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