Acne is caused by what?

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          Acne is a common skin disease. The mechanism of acne is caused by the abnormal skin cell turnover process causing clogging along. With excessive secretion of oil (sebum) on the face. And an increase in causing bacteria causing inflammation in the hair follicles. However, acne is not a disease found only in teenagers. But also found in middle age. Due to the mechanisms that cause. Such as clogging processes or oil secretion disorders and some people. There are hormonal factors that secrete abnormalities involve. In addition, there are often factors that trigger from lifestyle, making it possible to still have even if you are not in your teens.


How to treat?

Acne treatment among adolescent and non-adolescent patients was no different. The treatment consists mainly of drug therapy and behavioral therapy UFABET

Drug treatment is divide into topical and oral medications.

1. Topical medicine is know as the basic treatment that all patients must receive. if not using topical Acne treatments are rarely effective.

2. For patients with moderate severity. Your doctor may also consider additional oral medications. It may be an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, or vitamin A drug. or if that occurs is acne associated with sex hormone abnormalities may give hormonal drugs for treatment. Which the doctor will consider to be suitable for each specific patient.