Can Vitamin C Help Prevent Colds?

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Vitamin C has been studied for many years as Has properties to treat colds. Or can it help prevent colds? But the study found that the data was inconsistent. Because experts found Vitamin C has little benefit in preventing and treating colds disease. In addition, a 2007 study looked at taking 200 mg daily or more and taking daily supplements. can make the frequency of colds the severity of the cold. And the duration of cold is reduced or not. 

When you have a cold Vitamin C Supplements Failure to alleviate the severity of symptoms or less cold. But it can shorten the duration of colds in 8% of adults and 4% of children. That is, if an adult has a cold 12 days a year, taking prevents colds. Every day can make periods. If a child has a cold about 28 days a year. Taking may reduce the duration to about 24 days a year. In addition, there is additional information that Taking vitamin C daily just shortens the duration of catching a cold. The effectiveness is not different from taking a placebo that can also shorten the duration of catching a cold UFABET

The amount you should get per day.

Normally, people should get enough vitamin C per day to keep the body healthy. Which keeps the disease away Including making it easy to not catch a cold. For the amount that should be received is Men should get 90 milligrams per day. And women should get 75 milligrams per day.