Yi Ki lottery, how to play, how to play, how hard is it?

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Yi Ki lottery how to play, how to play, how hard is it?

As we all know very well, Yi Ki is a card game that originated from China. cause there may be vocabulary or rather It is unique in Chinese, which may make it difficult for us to understand and not catch up, so we will explain. Including explaining for you to listen and understand easily. Let’s go see at UFABET

ow to play Yi Ki lottery 

The word Yi Ki means gambling. That uses 12 cards to play. It consists of Angti, Oti, Angkue, Okue, Oshi, Opa, Ang Chee, Ang Be and Obe, put it in a square box. Which is not difficult to play. The dealer will select a card and place it in the box provid. After which the players in the circle can start guessing. Can get anything out At that time. Only the dealer would know. That the cards that are put in the box are what cards after that the dealer will raise a card to answer After being stab

Tip :: Players can do a “tack”. Which is a trick pretending to bet that card to see the symptoms and the dealer’s face in which direction.

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Growing trend And the number of members. Who are interest and crazy about Yi Ki lottery is increasing. and there is no age limit as well because originally gambling online betting We must understand that Only a group of teenagers and working age people understand and keep up with the world. But nowadays, merchants or people in the old days can play together and easy to play as well, thus making the Yi Ki lottery It’s very popular nowadays.