Neville believes Arteta could leave Arsenal at the end of the season

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Neville believes Arteta could leave Arsenal at the end of the season

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has criticize Mikel Arteta’s chances of leaving. Arsenal at the end of the season if they fail to reach the top four.

“I really liked Arteta’s skill in managing football. Because he made it possible for Arsenal. Who had almost died, to come back up again. They also build a team based on young players,” Neville told UFABET.

“But the interesting point is that Arsenal is a club with some kind of vicious cycle rooted in it. And it suppresses the ambition of success at a certain point. Which results in everyone involved being satisfied with just doing their best to finish fourth. Which has become natural for them.”

“Of course, if this season Arsenal finish fourth, then Man United fans like me won’t be happy either. But in the end, I think Arteta didn’t achieve what he had hoped.

“Okay, Arteta will probably look better than the two Manchester United managers this season. Which I agree and like him very much as I said. But since the target is only number 4 while there is still a long way to go In the end. He will eventually make an easy mistake.”

“Assuming that if it turns out to be true. The person who put the most pressure on was Arteta. That he might decide to leave the team on his own. By leaving a handsome message that you did your best. I apologize to all the fans from the bottom of my heart.”