Pep has named four key players in Liverpool’s tactical structure.

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Pep has named four key players in Liverpool tactical structure.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has bluntly comment on. Who of the four key players in Liverpool tactical structure ahead of the night’s duel. this sunday

“Over the years, only Liverpool have been able to push Man City into defending rather than attacking. Which is not what we want to happen. It’s because they accomplished incredible things,” Pep told UFABET.

“Jurgen Klopp’s tactic is to make the stadium wider. Use every square meter to its fullest potential. The quality of the midfield players has always been there to help push the game high all the time. It’s different from 4-5 years ago that had been throwing for a long time.”

“Liverpool currently have a format since Alisson Becker. While the centre-back has always been involve in attack, especially Joel Matip, that is surprising.”

“The presence of Thiago Alcantara complements both attacking and defensive games, making them seamlessly connected. Plus, he also helps Alexander-Arnold Dare to add a game of attack without a second thought until it. Becomes a great weapon to pass the ball into the final area as well.”

“Aside from the four people I mentioned, Another extreme danger that we must be aware of is set-pieces. because they have scored too many goals from corners.”

“however With the quality that Manchester City and Liverpool have similar. That’s why we have three title contenders. I want our players to quickly shake off their bad form to prepare for the final against Jurgen Klopp’s boys at every turn. competition”