Southampton 0-6 Chelsea: Collecting issues after the Premier League game

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Southampton 0-6 Chelsea: Collecting issues. After the Premier League game. Report from UFABET

1. Chelsea calls for confidence

It can call a chilling collapsing of Chelsea’s attacking field throughout. The game because today. Both the form of the game. The attacking game, the defensive game. It all looks easy and in the way. navy blue lions Going to lose all and still get heavy to 4 goals in the first half. Which the game almost ended at that time. Which Tuchel would have thought. So before gradually changing the main character to rest. From half-time to meet a heavy game where they needed to shoot at least away. Two goals at home to the Santiago Bernabeu, however. Tonight’s overwhelming victory will certainly bring back. The morale and confidence after a weak form that led to seven goals in the run. 2 shots ago

2. Keyman “Loftus Cheek”

I have to say that in this game, many Chelsea players played well. But one of the people. Who stood out very much in this match was Ruben Loftus-Cheek. Who Tuchel Indy sent down to play as a right-wing wing-back. But he played for sure and aggressive. This may partly be due to the loose defensive game of the host. But still have to give credit to this midfielder as well. That both find the area well Add a fun invasion game It also opens the ball. So precisely that it creates opportunities for the team many times. Whether in Spain in the middle of next week. We may see Loftus-Cheek in this role again, it is possible.

3. Werner has to go to make merit.

Despite being named to score 2 goals tonight. But if anyone has watched the game. You will see that the German spearhead has play outstandingly in the wrong games before. Time The only thing that can be done wonderfully is that it’s just a little bit of luck. With a shot hitting the pole 2 times, hitting the beam 1 more time, and also shooting straight to save 1 more time. Which if he tried to go to the temple. Go to the church to see some luck. Maybe this game might be lucky until he can shoot 4-5 goals and it’s possible.