How to play roulette without winning but not losing

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How to play roulette without winning but not losing

What techniques are going to be discuss here? Let’s see at UFABET

1. Know how much to invest In all gambling games. Remember that you should only bet as much as you can afford in case you lose. Without you having trouble. Because if you do not have a budget. That will be use to bet.  Will definitely make the use of money escalate. Especially games that start fast. End quickly like roulette. Once you’ve decided how much you want to invest, hold onto that amount. Do not accidentally add more. Place bets consciously, not hot-headed.

2. Exchange the money that is profit to keep If you start investing at 1,000 baht and it increases to 1,500 baht, you can exchange or withdraw the profit (500 baht) and keep it separately. Then continue playing with the 1000 you have available. At least if you lose all of them. There are still 500 left that you extract. The more you play, the more profits you earn. How much to keep The more it is a guarantee that you will never lose or run out. Even if you are not profitable At most, it’s just the same amount.

3. Try to stab the number on the edge of the table. The area of ​​the numbered edge of the table is not as large as the square in the middle of the table. But if you bet on Red-Black, Over-Under or Odd-Even, you have a greater chance of losing. The gratuitous rate is 1:1. But at least The chances that luck will favor you is greater. The house’s disadvantage rate is still the same. 

But your chance of winning will less than 50% (because of the number 0 or 00) It can that the less you bet on the number. The more However, the chances that you bet 00 – 0 – 1 – 2 – 3 (5 first) and get it right are almost impossible. (The chance will be at 7.89%). Do not bet on these 5 is strictly prohibited. It is better to bet on both the outer circumference if this kind of bet will cover up a bit. Good or bad, you might even get two bounces.